Danielle & Shawn

Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck was established in 2017, however, its beet roots were planted multiple years ago as its founders have been cultivating exotic juice blends in their diets for years while implementing a drink clean eat clean lifestyle to promote health and wellness.


Danielle, co-founder of Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck is a former International Star for the Jamaican National Beach Volleyball Team. In order to be on her A-Game and deliver consistent stellar performances her diet must be impeccable and unwavering. Using All Natural Products in her Juice Blend diet, Danielle was able to be in the best shape of her life as she carried the relatively unknown Jamaican Team to the last round of the 2016 Olympic Qualifier, which gained Jamaica International respect in the Volleyball community. She leads by example by promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Shawn, co-founder of Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and current Registered Dental Hygienist certified in the Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy. To be ready to deploy anywhere in the world and protect the United States of America, Shawn had to be in tip top shape, this was aided by cultivating exotic fruits and vegetable juice blends for his diet. Proper nutrition is a major key in oral health and overall health, Shawn currently educates his patients on the importance of proper diet and nutrition in his profession as a Registered Dental Hygienist.




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